How to Get There

From Chennai
Come by Rock Fort express and get down at Trichy or come by Mangalore Express and get down at Kulithalai
From Trichy
Chintalavadi is about 50 KMs from Trichy. One can hire a Taxi for round trip from Trichy station. Alternatively one can reach KULITHALAI by bus and then take any town bus which stops at Chintalavadi. Some express buses going to Karur also stop on request.
From Kulithalai
Chintalavadi is about 12 KMs from Kulithalai. From Kulithalai one can take town bus or hire a taxi/Auto. The first bus is at 7am and the last one at 10 pm with a frequency of 45 minutes.
From Bangalore/Mysore
Come by express train and get down at Karur (around 5 am) or Kulithalai (around 3am)
From Karur
Take a town bus to chintalavadi. Alternatively reach Mahadhanapuram by express bus and take a local taxi. Mahadhanapuram is just 2 km from chintalavadi. The first bus is at 5.30am and the last one at 9 pm with a frequency of 45 minutes

At Mahadhanapuram: Contact Driver Murthy on Mobile No. +919443846157 or Mr.Sekar (Auto Mama) at mob no:+919442996694, +919543959600
Contact Driver Murthy or Mr.Sekar (Auto Mama) even if pickup is required from Kulithalai Railway Station. Call them one day before your arrival, so that they are at the station when train arrives.